About Us

We are, who we are. 
From, Dear Me. Is a series of dairy entries following the journey of an everyday woman. you and me alike. We are fearless, bold & convicted and we already know that!

Fashion is mundane without a figure to complement it's full potential. 

We aim to reinforce, empowerment, beauty & ambition, translated by our designs, worn by you. 

Get dressed, go out, and kick a!@#$%.

Design & Fit
Ladies, we strive, we hustle and we look after our loved ones, but we never back down, Ever! And we never want you to feel tangled or tied down under any circumstance!

That's why we're here, From, Dear Me designs our pieces with all these considerations. 
We cater to every aspect of a woman's life. Whether you're running an errand or taking on the world, you've got the rights to feel confident and comfortable. We explore the potential in our designs so that ladies from all walks of life, of every shape and size can easily slide into our pieces and walk out feeling like a queen.